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In-Depth from Day One

Robotic technology can make cars and airplanes safer. It can help wounded veterans and people with physical limitations have healthier, fuller lives at home. It can help clean up crippled nuclear reactors and explore the surfaces of other planets.

But around the world and in the Pittsburgh area, the robotics industry is struggling to find talented college graduates who are multi-disciplinary, with skills ranging from software to hardware to interface design.

Through the Undergraduate program in Robotics, students are taught how to design, build and program robots. The curriculum includes courses that provide a deeper understanding of control, movement, sensors, systems engineering and cognition and reasoning.

Intro to Robotics: Where It All Begins

For most students, Robotics at CMU begins with 16-311, Introduction to Robotics, the fast-paced, hands-on course where students are encouraged to vigorously explore major concepts. One of the most well-known projects in this course is the creation of individual Rube Goldberg machines, which are then connected—often with unexpected results.

Take a look inside with this video of the massive Rube Goldberg attempt built by students in 2012:

Mobot: Robotics Principles in Action

Robotics studies at Carnegie Mellon are both intellectually rigorous and academically challenging. Students are also constantly encouraged to demonstrate the practical applications of what they learn. For 18 years, CMU’s annual Mobot Races have provided an opportunity for students to design their own autonomous robots. They earn bragging rights if their creation successfully navigates a steep, winding path in the heart of campus. Participants in the competition acquire hands-on research experience as they overcome a full range of real-world scientific challenges.

See students’ robots attempt to run the track at the 13th annual Mobot Races:

In the Lab: Our World-Class Facilities

In addition to our exceptional faculty, Carnegie Mellon offers robotics students an incredible array of labs and research facilities in which to learn, innovate and explore. With more than 40 labs and groups on campus, students immerse themselves in hands-on learning and gain a deeper understanding of robotics alongside peers and leaders in the field.

To explore some of the exciting projects currently under development at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute, visit some of our labs below, or view the full listing of groups and labs by visiting the Robotics Institute website.

See More, Learn More

Want more? Check out the Robotics Institute’s video page for the latest class projects, student and faculty research, events and news. It’s one of the best ways to experience the incredible breadth of experiences available to students in the additional major program.